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Question Considering Adopting a Pair of Ferrets

Hi All,

Now that we're moving and will have lots more space I've been approached about adopting a pair of ferrets. I don't have a lot of info yet, but I know they are coming from a good home that is involved in dog foster etc. Problem is they've got a second child on the way and are running out of room...sounds like they took on more than they could handle rescue-wise. So they are reluctantly looking for a good home and a mutual friend recommended us.

I'll obviously be doing my own research as well but wanted some info from knowledgeable members regarding what we'd be getting into if we take them on.

Seems they need a larger cage than they are currently in, so we'd have to buy one and who knows how much that would cost?

What do they eat? Approx. monthly cost?

Maintenance requirements? What do you line their cage with and how often does it need cleaning?

Attention? How much playtime each day do they typically need? (Not that we are the type of people to stick animals in a cage and ignore them, but want to have an idea whether they are demanding or not).

Do they play nice with other animals or would we need to keep them separated from the rest if they are out of their cage?

Thanks guys - any insight would be appreciated while I mull this over!
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