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BenMax,my own sweetheart of a vet(handsome too)talked to me for a long time about Bailey.
Totally understands my frustration about negligent owners,I guess he's seen a few.
He did not like that I was medicating her,but I guess no doctor would.
Her ear-problem could be soo many different things,but I can clearly see an improvement after the meds.
He said she might need anti-fungal meds or oral antibiotics
She did have more gunk in her ears today though and I cleaned it off.
He also said if kept untreated too long bone can form in her ear,I actually see part of her ear looking whiteish
Just giving her the meds once/daily is not enough,so he said to talk seriously to the owner(which I have done and will try again)or call OHS about neglect of Bailey,which I cannot do,Bailey will be the loser..
He also said bringing Bailey to him,is not a good idea,she is not my dog and she already has a vet,I could get in trouble.
I'll go and talk to her again on Saturday,hopefully she'll take me seriously this time
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