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BenMax,her ears were much worse last week,it seems something is working,but I can only do it once/day.
I have already told her Bailey needs to see her vet and I could take her,if she's too busy.
But instead she put peroxide in her ears
I have to tread carefully,or she might just say"my dog is my business"and ask for the key back..and then Bailey will suffer,she loves our walks and the treats and cuddles.
I have known Bailey since she was a pup 10yrs ago and yes,I love her,she's a sweet little dog.
I think they would rather have her put down than spend a lot of money on her,but I could be wrong
I could take her to my vet,but there is no way hubby will agree to pay for her,Vinnie and Rocky has just cost us a bundle and there will be more for Rocky
Is Baytril something I could get from my vet??
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