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Hazel thats a baby from last year or the year befiore I cant remember! I think that was a female that weighed in at 1100 grams.....the males are much smaller between 500-700 grams....they fly really good because they have less weight to carry! how typical eh

Hey Winston, you are a bit of a gardener, git up there and pull them weeds will ya'
Chris thats the top of the building are you kidding!! I thinks its 12 floors?? I keep hoping every banding day that I might get asked to go into the room ands see the banding and the chicks up far no go! thats okay I have patience. Chris if your at home on banding day you be able to see live on the web cam the fella from the MNR he climbs over the roof...down the front of building and into the nest..retrieves the chicks..sends the chicks back up via the rope and then he sits and waits....the whole time MadameX is not pleased at all and trys to attack him...he has been doing it for yrs so he doesnt even get bothered by her!

If you get a chance to watch it live its pretty cool...he will once again pull out the weed...I suspect they make ask him to be 100 sure he got the root because it is really BIG this year! and it impedes the view of the camera. No action or updates today! Madame X is just brooding those eggs away!
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