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Our red rat snake lived 11 years until some idiot left the door to the cage ajar and he escaped . The person did not have permission to be in there, and apparently when the snake moved they freaked out and didn't shut the door all the way. We had him since he was a hatchling.

Apparently one of my dad's friends found him dead a couple of years later, outside. I'm surprised he even lived that long in southern Ohio, which is not part of their natural territory.

Actually he had escaped once before, years before that, and luckily someone a couple of blocks away that liked snakes found him in the street and took him in . They didn't know what species he was but knew he wasn't native to that area so figured he was a pet. One of our friends was at the persons house and remembered our red snake was missing and called us and it ended up being him. He had a fat belly and had obviously been hunting while he was out .
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