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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Are Mexican King Snakes usually water critters? Must have been fun to watch him watching the fish!
They generally like to swim I think. I've seen them on nature shows swimming around in rivers and stuff. They will eat aquatic critters such as frogs and get in the water to cool offs or help molt.

Actually a lot of snakes will swim when it's hot out. I've commonly seen black rat snakes swimming around in the water, as well as racers and a lot of other species.
King snakes do seem to be more water oriented than some others though.

The coral snake doesn't feel a need for camouflage, does it? Ours have to be camouflaged or the kookaburras will get them. Those 3 snakes you mentioned are very alike, I mean amazingly so. Does it mean they are related? It's such a strange colour combination too.
It provides more camouflage than you'd think. When the banding is mixed in with various plants they're pretty hard to spot. They tend to hang low to the ground and not out in the open much. They are very elusive. (That goes for both the coral and king snakes). If they are spotted though the colorful pattern may alert predators to the fact that they are venomous.

The coral and king snakes are not related. It is possible that the kings are colored like a coral snake in order to confuse predators into thinking they're venomous.
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