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DoubleRR, I suppose because so many of our snakes aren't constrictors, they'd need venom. Someone mentioned Copperheads. I wonder if it's the same one we have here? I've had a couple of close shaves with them. I was walking backwards out from under a loft, dragging a hose(this was at a stud I worked at), and as I backed across the gravel in front of the stables I turned my head to see where to step up onto the path, and there was a copperhead, reared up ready to strike! Just one more step I reckon. Another time I was loading hay onto the tractor and found I'd picked up a bale with a copperhead coiled up on top of it, so it was in between my hands as I held it. I just quietly put it down. LOL. Because I'm not scared of them, one time when walking the boss's two Afghan Hounds with another girl along beside a channel, when my dog stepped over something, I looked, saw it was a red bellied black and stepped over it too, telling my co-worker to look out for the snake. Well, no kidding, for the rest of the walk she was nearly walking in MY shoes. Poor thing, I shouldn't laugh when I will admit to my own fear, and that's big hairy Huntsman spiders. I'd rather get bitten by a dog, bitten or kicked by a horse, than have a big spider get on me. LOL.
Getting back to our Browns. They don't seem to have to have much excuse to bite. If humans or stock stand on them, bail them up, or get between them and where they are going, fair enough, but a friend, when young, was just quietly sitting on a stool, milking a cow , and he got bitten.
DoubleRR, have you any idea how old Delilah is, or the age they can live till? I imagine that huge Brown I saw would be a very old snake.
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