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"ill trained bratty kid"
"the kid's gonna grow up without respect for animals"

i think you guys are jumping the gun with this.
the kid could not even form a sentence (let alone a word) and you think he could tell the cat didnt want to jump in the tub?
yes the father should have went "no!" instead of "hahaha!" after it happened. but up till that point, i dont see any harm being done with the kid. he was just doing what kids do. i dont see how he's going to grow up to be a kid who miss treats animals.

my brother is a good example of this.

when he was in his diapers, he used to pull our cat by it's tail and spin it around.
is he the same now? no, he's actually quite kind with animals.

sure the kid will learn something from this, be it negative or positive. but in the end, when he grows up, it'll be up to him whether or not he's going to respect animals. he'll be able to reflect on his actions.
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