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While bones can be dangerous and sure a dog could choke on one (they can choke on kibble too), break a tooth etc. its been MY experience that feeding my dogs raw bones (both edible and non) has been beneficial to their overall oral health and mental stimulation (ok, and my sanity too... LOL, nothing like throwing a bone at the dog and having them quiet for a few hours!).

But you do need to be careful with RAW, and with raw bones care must be taken as to what TYPE of bones the dogs chews on as to help minimize the chance of breaking a tooth.

As much as us RAW advocates always are encouraging new raw feeders to lighten up and not over-analyze everything, its still important that some thought and planning is put into a RAW diet.

I think its pointless to debate back and forth the RAW subject. Everyone has their own opinions, and my opinion is feed your dog what he/she does best on. Simply put. While I think we can make SOME generalizations re: dog nutrition, they will not hold true for EVERY dog and there certainly is exceptions.
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