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thanks MBIE,,,nope goldfields i'm not usually easily confused..There are members here who do feed raw and there are members who don't. My opinion is feed your pet whatever they will thrive on. Not everyones animal likes raw, some aren't big kibble fans,,some have tummy issues or allergies so have to be on certain diets. Aslong as your feeding your pet a good quality food, thats fine by me.

not sure what i said that seemed to upset you, not my intention.

I was already leaning towards raw when i met one of our members dogs who all eat raw,,penny had the most beautiful shiny coat i have ever seen and omg Lucky is sooooo soft. I watched twice a day for approximately a month just what and how much the puppers were fed and put it into practice when i got home. My big boy dropped down to a perfect weight and if you want to see a nice soft shiny golden come on over.
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