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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
This was supposedly a superior dry food, not one of the commercial ones, made with all good, natural products, and just part of the hype about how we should be feeding our shelties back then. Not amusing that he had stained teeth all his life from that, and heavens only knows what was in it that did that to them. Mind you, his wouldn't be the worst teeth a judge has seen on a show dog. I was interested in using one at stud, so asked at a show could I check his teeth. They were so incredibly dirty that I almost reached for my tooth scaler, I could not believe that anyone could let them get so bad, or show this to a judge. The dog went Best of Breed. Unreal!
but you're talking about kibble not raw this is what confused the breeder suggested a crap kibble which resulted in stained teeth and crappy coat..none of which has anything to do with raw feeding.
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