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Goldfields, I am curious as to what problems you have had feeding dogs RAW bones...? IMO, they are mother nature's very best toothbrush/dental floss for dogs. I have two smaller dogs who before starting RAW last fall had terrible teeth. I will admit I am a bad doggie mom and never brush their teeth and at ages 7 and 9, their teeth were in dire need of a cleaning. Last week, after 6 months of raw, I took them in for a cleaning and received the best news... not only did they not have to pull any teeth, the vet tech told me that she has never seen such wonderful teeth in small dogs this age! When I told her that I give my dogs a raw diet supplemented with raw bones, she agreed that the raw diet and bones was THE contributer to their clean bill of oral health!

I can see how a dog owner/vet would have a lot of problems with bones if they are fed COOKED, but I have never heard of a RAW bone causing any problems (yes, things can happen, but not very often).

I have never seen my dogs in better shape since starting on raw... all 3 dog's have beautiful coats, a sparkle in their eyes, lean muscle, and little fat. I have never found a diet I can feed all three of my dogs successfully until now - raw.

But yes, raw still needs to be given in the correct ratios and portions. So perhaps this dog was lacking a major nutrient in a raw diet?

I'm surprised he hated raw... my dogs trample me down for it!
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