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Must admit my vets here hate people feeding bones to their dogs, they see to many problems because of it. We've had our share too, so no more for mine. As for raw. Well, I bought a dog off a breeder who swore by a certain all natural dry food and a raw diet. She talked one of her puppy buyers into feeding it and the pup got returned to her as an adult with absolutely the worst coat I have ever seen on a sheltie, and that was after she'd had him back for 3 months, trying to fix the problem. The day she actually picked him up, well, I hate to imagine how bad it was, she drove from a show to the airport to get him and he was so bad she hid him in her dog trailer when she got back to the show. So, she probably thought "Come in sucker" when I was very interested in buying him, but I was confident about working some magic and thrilled that I could have him. Long story short, that awful all natural dry food left permanent dirty stains on his teeth, I found he hated the raw diet, so I took him off that, and after some coat care and a decent diet he ended up winning his class at a Sheltie National. Don't you love a good ending?
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