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Thanks Goldengirl

That's a nice compliment. I try to do the very best I can, but I don't want to grow as there are too many dogs and just one of me. Been trying to find foster homes and volunteers, but it is very hard.

Does anyone know what to look for in a pregnant dog? My Xena's nipples seem to be getting swollen at the base (kind of like milk would be forming?). They did seem much bigger than I remembered when she first came around, but now I find they're looking different even. Her belly doesn't seem to be getting bigger, but I am wondering if she could be just a couple of weeks. She's been here one week now, and say she got pregnant the week before she arrived? Would I see signs at all? Please if someone knows what to look for, let me know. When Angel arrived, she had 1 week to go. Couldn't miss that she was pregnant!!! Looked like she was going to bust!!

I sure hope this little Pittie Girl isn't pregnant. I'm having a hard time placing one, imagine a whole litter. I am probably just being silly. The girl was supposed to haver her spayed by november, but then the car broke down, couldn't get there till after New Year, and ended up bringing her back. Starting to make me wonder.

If anyone wants to see a whole bunch of pictures of her, go to I uploaded a whole bunch. She is just too adorable.
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