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When we got home she had a bath to fully clean off any remaining pee, then she got fed in the sunshine, she did fairly well at first for licking off my finger after I smooshed some onto her mouth, after a bit she would just lick it off her mouth, then I had to resort to force feeding her the rest to make sure she gets enough food for the day.

Left her alone for a few hours to snooze & she came looking for dinner & her supplements. She acted like she was going to eat on her own, but still required finger feeding at first, same as earlier in the day ending with a bit of force feeding. Though she isn't pleased being force fed she does put up with it without fuss/stress & the more she eats the better she feels.

The ultrasound report showed mild hepatic lipidosis as she hadn't been eating sufficiently that week - which is where she lost the weight, it's imperative that she eats. Now that I'm on holidays I can ensure she eating in the middle of the day instead of sleeping right through as she had evidently been doing when I was at work.
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