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Thanks Chico, Duffy is very used to being poked as she gets fluids nightly at home, as for the vets ~ it's a homeopathic clinic so the environment & atmosphere is totally different from that of a conventional clinic.

Duffy's also at a point in her life where very little phases her, for example I brought her in today for a cysto to check on the uti (unfortunately she peed in her carrier when we were about 10 mins away, she just couldn't hold it any longer ), I had Duffy leashed & harnessed out of her carrier to clean up the mess & there was a shepherd mix in the clinic who was continually barking at her, he couldn't figure out why this cat was paying absolutely no attention to him, she wasn't even looking at him and the lady's 3-4 year old son came over & very gently pet the top of her head, it was quite cute as he was telling the dog not to bark at the kitty.

A few minutes after they left, a lady came in with her very calm Dogue de Bordeux they had to walk right past Duffy in order to come in the door as she was sitting infront of it - didn't phase her in the least

Of course Duffy did grow up with 2 large dogs, then later in adulthood had another large dog buddy but it has been 6 years now that she's had any consistant contact with a dog.

All in all I did pick up her remedies for the lymphoma treatment which we started today and the ultrasound report, she'll be back in on Sat for a try again at the cysto.
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