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Thank you everyone for your good wishes Duffy & I do appreciate them.

So instead of going in today I spoke to the homeopath on the phone & we are repeating a remedy I've used before for nausea/vomiting etc she'll get a divided dose of Nux Vomica today/tomorrow as that did have positive effects over the weekend and in the past for her, it's also very complimentary to the cancer remedies we will use.

Tomorrow will be another phone call to the clinic to give an update and then going in on Thurs for the cysto UA as previously mentioned to check for bacterial clearance. At that time I can pick up the cancer remedies & ultrasound report. The tumor doesn't appear to be a fast growing one so we have a couple of days to try to boost her appetite first.

A little tour of the back/courtyard again tonight proved to wake up her appetite a bit, she still isn't eating as much as I would like but she is doing so on her own
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