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Duffy had a recheck urinalysis on 21 Mar 4 weeks post Clavamox to ensure the bacterial infection has not returned, and as I had suspected starting the 18-19th (less appetite, frequent litterbox visits) the infection has re-occured She had lost weight from last month & was 5 kgs. Once we got the confirmation there was bacteria in the urine the lab cultured it, and Duffy was given her usual monthly remedy Nat Mur (as it was time and also) to ease the UTI symptoms. Once the C&S results came in 24 Mar confirming once again it's e.coli Duffy was given a dosing of Phosphorus to counter the infection as it had helped before and I was given a nosode/remedy pair to give in sucessive treatments.

A nosode differing slightly from a regular remedy (prepared from herb/plant/flower etc) as nosodes are originally prepared using cells from which they are fighting but given the amount of dilution there is no risk of infection from the nosode itself. Morgan Bach being the e.coli Nosode given for 2 days, followed by 3 days of Cantharis (remedy for bladder infections etc) definately not showing signs of UTI at the moment . A recheck urinalysis is set for Thurs 8 Apr., 1 week post remedies.

I also got a call from the clinic regarding the ultrasound in Feb as it was stated to repeat in 2-3 months, the ultrasound vet was coming in on 3 Apr & wouldn't be back again this month. My vet really wanted Duffy in to check on the aforementioned "suspicious inflammation" areas, so I booked & in we went on Sat. Again I was able to sit in on the procedure, ask questions, get instant feedback from the ultrasound vet etc. I think all clinics that offer ultrasounds should have the clients in the room.

Duffy has lost more weight due to inappetitance and nausea and is now 4.7 kgs where she really should be 5.3 kg a bit chubby but that is a good weight for her frame/size. She is being finger fed/assist fed, tempted with yummy cooked chicken, it's hit & miss as to whether she will eat on her own right now. I've picked up a couple of small cans of Wellness Chicken and Turkey went over good when I first opened the can she will at least be inclined to eat that on her own for the most part.

So for the ultrasound results:
The inflammation in the area where the bladder meets the urethra is unchanged, which is good in the aspect it's not cancer right now and I asked the ultrasound vet if that is a common area for cancer she said not in cats, it is very common for dogs to get it there though. She suspects that area is just irritated from the UTI, pee sitting in her bladder, frequency/straining during the 2 UTIs. Her urine is also not concentrated, given the CRF, so there is a higher chance of bacterial growth as opposed to normal highly concentrated urine.

The ileocolic region where the colon meets the illieum/intestines has a distinct tumor and the adjacent lymph node is also inflamed The liver, spleen and their adjacent lymph nodes are markedly inflamed

Kidneys, pancreas, small intestines, stomach, bladder vary between little chronic change (known CRF, IBD, possible cholangiohepatits with mild periportal lymphadenopathy as per last US) to no change.

Diagnosis is lymphoma, cancer of the lymphatic system. Lymphoma and more specifically gastro-intestinal lymphoma is the most common cancer in cats.

I will be at the vets on Tues to pick up a copy of the ultrasound report and new cancer fighting remedies, Duffy's 2 homeopaths & 2 vets will confer regarding treatment.

Little eating victory today took her out to the back courtyard of the apt bldg for a wee leash 'n harness walk as I've done a couple of times now these last couple of weeks (weather permitting) & she willingly ate more of the canned food in her dish without any prompting at all, she does get a bit tired coming up the stairs & on the final stretch in the hallway but that's expected. She looks much better after eating & being out in the fresh air walking about a bit

There is some suggestion of a link between the inflammation associated with IBD and lymphoma

One well-recognized, but poorly defined, example of inflammation-associated neoplasia is the proposed progression from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to alimentary lymphoma. This progression is documented in human patients with coeliac disease, and although reported in both the dog and cat, this appears to be far more of an issue in the feline species. In fact, the distinction between IBD and alimentary lymphoma on histopathological examination of gut biopsies still provides one of the most challenging interpretations for the diagnostic pathologist

A bit off topic but along the Lymphoma lnes ~ I do not smoke but thought I'd add this in as there have also been studies linking passive exposure to cigarette smoke and the development of lymphoma in cats and a change in normal cancer behaviour to affect areas other than the lymphatic system. All the more reason to ensure people are not smoking around pets.

In the context of lymphoma, a recent epidemiological study has suggested an association between passive exposure to cigarette smoke and the development of feline lymphoma--which if confirmed may be an additional example of inflammation-associated neoplasia.6 It is also of note that feline lymphoma may arise in tissues which are often affected by chronic lymphoplasmacytic inflammation (e.g., nasal mucosa, intestine, renal interstitium)
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