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Thanks for all your advise. :love: Took Mr. 'Pershee Man' to his "V. E. T." Can't say the word...he hides ....He has a upper respiratory infection, probably brought about by the insulation. Got him a shot and he goes back February 1st if he's not better. The "V.E.T." Told me to keep him in the house....He stays inside during the night but has to go outside during the day...he lays on the back porch in his chair. He is lots better and chasing the birds again. He loves his brushing and face washes every day..he is going to expect this all the time now!!!
Oh.. Mona B.... The doggie door has its pros and cons....I have had a raccoon stick his nose in before...we scared him so bad, poor little raccon, he ran off and have never seen another one around here!!
Thanks again Leeslynn
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