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April 2010 photo challenge - Song titles

Any members got any ideas for April's challenge?

What about pets and songtitles where we think of a song title and try to catch our pets in a pose that is related.

Examples - The song new york new york could be shown with a dog chewing on an apple (big apple) or looking at a mini empire state building toy.

The song satisfaction by the stones could be illustrated by a big bag of treats next to a pet.... etc. etc. lots of room for creativity here.

But this is Just a suggestion - feel free to ignore this and suggest other topics if you feel it may be too complicated.

Thx all


I think that's a great idea.
Any of the pix I've taken lately seem to have more of a "What the sam-hill and tarnation IS that? Is that"

I have a lovely series of Ceili's nose, chest, one eyeball and what appears to be her behind ~ ... not too many theme songs are leaping off the tip of my tongue though.

We never done that ... wonderful idea !

Ok let's try this then - merging posts now.
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