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Vet appointment today! Something has punctured Luna's toe (dew claw) and NOT broken! so it's swollen and slightly infected but she's on meds incase of a secondary infection if there is anything stuck in the wound that the vet couldn't see.

The limping she said may be from this but also could be growing pains, I forget the actual term, but she'll grow out of it if it is. She's on a strict walk only for the next 8 days until the follow up exam, if she's still limping she gets xrays that day.

Also, I made sure Luna was limping when we went to the vet but as soon as we got there, LIMP GONE! for a whole hour! She walked normal and everything! The vet looked at me funny when I said she's limping bad...... Then as soon as we left the vet she started limping again!
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