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Puppy limping - dew claw infected

Hey all,
I made a post awhile ago about my puppy and a sprain. Well it's been on and off, whenever she's at home she's fine, once we go out she limps after she comes back in. Well just today we noticed her dew claw on the side she's been limping is BIG time red and swollen (X's 3) and WILL NOT let us touch it and to think of the past she always flinched a bit when touching her toes but I thought she just didn't like me touching them cause I clip her nails and she hates it! I've never hurt her clipping her nails either, I leave space inbetween the outside and the nerve.

She's limping pretty bad and I've put hydrogen peroxide on it and we've cleared it out, there was scabs and gunk in it, since then she's not limping as bad.

Could this have been what was wrong the whole time???? Should I have them removed when she goes in for spaying?
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