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Kateryna, you got a lot of good points, and while some posters came across a little too harsh for my pallet, they also had a point or two that were very important.

I would like to suggest something... Try to change your overall behaviour. What I mean is take a note of how you carry yourself every day, are you behaving as a leader? Or are you submissive, depressed and sad? Even if you have to fake it - carry your head high, shoulders back, stand tall. No hunching. Don't be afraid to display strength, you have it, you just need to let it show. You should be calm, collected and ASSERTIVE. Not agressive, ASSERTIVE. You come first, you and your children.

When he pulls on the street, stop dead in your tracks, do not go on, until he is by your side. Eventually, he will come. it may take a little time nd patience, mostly patience. Do not get I had a little issue with Sparky and what I did is I trained him to sit when I stop. So I would just randomly stop and make him come next to me and sit his bum down. Only then we go on. Now, he knows. He watches me, as soon as I stop - that bum hits the pavement, cause he knows he wants to go on. He still pulls occasionally, so I pull back, and stop dead until he snaps out of it. Also, change direction rather suddenly, like walk the other way without warning. Or turn. He will learn to pay attention to YOU, as leader, rather than all around him.

Your entire attitude towards him should change. Practice the suggested NILIF, no treats, no play, no pets until he does something you asked him, it could be anything at all, but he has to learn that YOU direct him, not the other way around. When you feed him, same thing - no bowl until he sits for example.

Mostly, I am sending you lots of and , you CAN do this. It will be long and hard, there will be times you will feel that you're going nowhere, or there will be setbacks, but the alternative is just too painful, this is worth a try. At least, you will be able to say that you have tried it all if it comes down to the final decision. GOOD LUCK!!!!
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