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Originally Posted by Kateryna View Post
I have some questions if you guys could please share with me:

What would you do when my dog:

Barks at the door or any outside noise?

Pulls on a leash continuously even after I persistently keep it at my level and not in front of me?

Attacks my infants through the baby gate?

Growls when being groomed by me?

Should it be in the crate all day long if my twins crawl everywhere and when they do he attacks them? I don't think it's fare to him to be crated all day.

I'm sorry but I obviously ticked off some people. I just wanted second opinion and experience shared rather than pointing fingers on who to blame as I already stated in my original post, that I know I am at fault here.
You need to stop and take a breathe. There isn't a soul here who hasn't made mistakes with their dogs and had moments of "what was I thinking". And we certainly have no reason to be mad at YOU.

Many people crate their dogs while they are away and the dog is fine. If you need to crate this dog while your twins are "loose" well, he will adjust. But the crate in an out of the way place while you sort everything out.
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