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Originally Posted by Kateryna View Post
Thank you for your honesty Choochi. You are right. I have failed this dog. I had a lot of personal issues when I got him and I did buy him at a pet store which I now now is terrible and it was an impulse buy.

I have tried many techniques and none work and to be honest, right now with having two infants and being alone at home from 6am to 6pm taking care of them, I am not sure how much time I will have to train him.

It is true that people can come to my house, but what do I do to him when for hours he will scream and cry from his crate, without giving up. Bark and scratch aggressively. Not many people will enjoy having company at home under such circumstances. So I stopped.

I don't know what to say really, except, thanks
Put the crate in the basement or in the garage (so long as it isn't freezing or too hot) when you have company and COMPLETELY ignore him! He gets to come out of the crate when he is quiet and only when he is quiet. If he is crate trained, you should only have to do this once or twice. If he is not, it may take a few more times.
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