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Originally Posted by Kateryna View Post
So I called my vet (Abbotsford Animal Hospital in Aurora) and made an appontment for this Saturday to see what my options are. The vet that we see is also a Behaviourist so I hope he can help me in making my choices. He will assess him.

I am not in a position to ever give my dog away or rehome him. I cannot do that. I don't want him to be with strangers. I tried with my sister who owns a dog who is exctremely well behaved. She walked him 3 times a day and tried positive reinforsement. In return my dog bit her 11 year old son because he tried to come close to him.

I am a true failure really. I passionately donate to various animal shelters and animal groups and write letters to government on behalf of animal rights activists and here I am contemplating euthanasia for my pet that I lost control over and gave up. I'm very ashamed.
You are NOT a failure. You are trying your best. Listen - the decision as to what to do is yours to make. But - I would explore all options..I really would. I understand not wanting to let him go to strangers...but some of those strangers are not strange to know what to do to correct behaviours and also work with temperments.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. I feel strongly that not all dogs can be saved but I also believe (for me anyways) that I must try everything possible...and that includes going outside your comfort zone.

Seriously consider whatever LuckyPenny comes up with. This girl has done so much for her dogs and her fosters - she goes above and beyond and is a wealth of information. Stand by until she comes back before you do anything.
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