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another drug we have been using for the last 10 months, is cartrophen. This is NOT related to the painkiller cartrofen. Cartrophen was originally developed for cystitis, but now is being perscribed for arthritis as well as bladder troubles. It has the same beneficial effect on the cartilage in joints as it does on the bladder wall. No side effects. It is more of a cure type remedy than a fix for the pain of arthritis.

I have 5 of my pugs on this, we start with one injection per wk for 4 weeks, t, and then once a month after that. It is easy to give the subcutaneous shots, I just use my insulin syringes. It is doubly good for us, not only for arthritis, but also for the bladder issues we are constantly running into with handicapped dogs. The one we have with interstitial cystitis is finally showing signs of imporvement with this therapy.
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