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I am asking a question as a groomer of a very old grumpy Lhasa. He has a large tumour on his hip which has been growing at a faster rate over the last couple of grooms, it is now the size a bit larger than a tennis ball, this however is not a direct problem as his groomer, and doesnt seem to bother him when walking etc, but I fear now that internally there could be something more serious going on as he now wont let me touch him at all. Usually with a muzzle we get on famously, once he settles he stops moaning and we carry on the groom, until today. We managed to bath & dry and clip his body but he wont let me lift his tummy to stand / or even once stood, let me anywhere near him to do legs feet tummy etc. Owner says he is on some arthritis trial tablet also that he takes once a month, so also there is that to take into consideration. She has had to bath more frequent at home also due to runny really dark poo. Tried ACP to calm under direction from vet, although drowsy, its obvious he isnt happy about being groomed and I feel he is in pain. So Lhasa went home half groomed today as I wasnt prepared to go on. Does anyone have any suggestions ~ your help would be much apprieciated, as owner has said if I cant groom him anymore she may think about PTS, as his groomer, I dont want this on my conseiance so am looking for other ways of helping. Will be speaking to local vet to see about upping medication and the possibility of grooming at the vets just in case. Thank you.
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