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Exclamation Parvovirus

My 9 week old Puppy was diagnosed with Parvo today.

Yesterday afternoon till night she would not eat or drink and vomited several times. I took her to the guy i got her from and he gave her fluids and antibiotics. This morning she had more energy and ate her breakfast (it stayed down.) We went to the vet and he gave us antibiotics, a anti vomiting med and a "good flora" med. He said because she has eaten and kept the food down that we could try treating her at home and if the vomiting comes back to come in.

She ate dinner and kept that down too. Does this mean that she is doing better?

When I got home I read about the virus and am now worried that just because she isn't vomiting doesn't mean she is getting better. Her stool is soft and yellowish but not at all diarrhea, as of an hour ago.
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