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Thanks catlover2!!

Neither one has been separated in the bedroom before, we keep the door closed unless we're in and out real quick. Lately, when I come home from school though, I will let Gizzy come in with me while I change into comfy clothes and close the door until I'm finished. And when he gets on the bed it is instant purring from him. So I think he already thinks he's getting special attention when I do that, so maybe I'm on the right path.

Prolly will pick up anything that might be a temptation for him, and there aren't any chairs in our bedroom either. I think I will have to either get a small scratching post or split the one we already have that way he will still have something to scratch and not use anything that is wood.

Forest LOVES the bedroom too b/c the big comfy bed is in there. Even the minute he walks into the room he is instant purr and drooling. His dominance behavior really irks me and I don't think he should get the bedroom as a reward for it, so I just hope when him and Gizzy are together under supervision, Forest doesn't lash out at Gizzy cuz he was in there all day/night and he wasn't sort of thing.

Do you think I'm on the right track or should Forest be the one to have the bedroom?
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