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Thanks catlover2 & MyBirdIsEvil for the suggestions! Plastic chicken wire sounds like an idea, pretty durable! The only problem with making a pen/buying a crate is my bf thinks that both of them should be crated during the day so the other doesn't get jealous that one gets freedom and the other doesn't kinda thing. Even if there is a blanket covering the crate. I don't think that would be the case but maybe I'm wrong. On that link, I would prolly end up getting the playpen for $60 that way it is easier to put a litter box in, but since there is no door, I'd just have to lift the top for Gizzy to jump out when I can watch him.

So I came up with a new idea but have a few questions. My bf should be getting his new truck in the next week or so, so that means more hours=more overtime pay. So we should be able to buy what I have in mind. Instead of using their current beds, I buy Gizzy a new comfy bed from the Pet Store that way no one's scent is on it, put it in the bedroom and he can be separated in the bedroom during the day and at night. Now my question is, if I go this route, is there any chance he would spray anything in our bedroom? Sometimes we have clothes on the floor, cuz they get dropped/fall, or we just don't have any room to put it (another reason why we need to move, we are pretty much busting lol). So if separated, would he feel the need to spray the bedding, or his new bed, or whatever may be on the floor?
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