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Thanks both of you! I'm still looking for her and incredibly worried about her. I have yet to have the chance to go out at any time like 3 or 4am, but I was out at 12am until 1am looking for her but I went back inside because downtown Kamloops can be a scary place. I brought a flashlight and used it as you said but there were no signs.

We have many cats in the neighbourhood so I'm trying to avoid putting out tuna but I did put out water mixed with tuna juice last night just in case she did come back. I also put out some of her food but I couldn't tell if there was any missing this morning as my mother had moved it back inside before I had the chance too.

I've had my neighbours check their yards and they all have a copy of her lost poster. Once again I'm going to ask tomorrow evening if they can take a look through there yards again. I'm going to the SPCA right after work to see if she came in, even if they didn't call. (My boyfriends family called and left their details when they first got their cat and he escaped, and finally they went and checked themselves and he had been there for almost two weeks and nobody had called him.)

Thank you once again for the advice
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