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RAW is the ONLY diet I have ever been able to successfully feed to my three dogs. Part of the beauty for me in raw is being able to easily accommodate each of my dogs special needs.

Its unfortunate there is not alot of physical data to support raw, but for myself I don't need any data because I have seen the live results in my dogs... almost immediately they had a refreshed energy about them, coats were shiny, eyes bright etc. and that was within a few weeks of starting. I have a 9 year old dog who was starting to show her age, we switched to raw and she is like a pup again - its incredible, I have never seen results like this with any other dog food.

Alot of the arguments against raw can be said about kibble (i.e. the process of making kibble does not eliminate all bacteria, dogs can choke on kibble etc etc.)

I have a friend who is a vet in Ontario and she herself is about to start trying raw. Yes, I think you do need to use common sense and make sure you wash down your counters etc. just like you would handling any other raw meat, but I think alot of the arguments against raw just simply don't hold up.
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