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Thank you again Khari When he had the liver problem 2 years agao the vet put him on a very low protein diet and unfortunately I can't remember the name of the medication they had him taking. I am going to call her in the morning to see if they will do the enema. I'd be miserable too if I was that full! Thank you for taking the time to help and give me options and hope! I will also ask again about the ultrasound. I have another vet in mind for the second opinion and will also check with them tomorrow.

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What meds did they give him? I am glad to hear he feels better but once those meds wear off he may not b/c I am leary that the vet is not treating him for the right problem.
They gave him Carafate 10mg to be given 1cc every 8 hours.

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Did the vet not recommend something for you to use to help your kitty pass a stool?
No, she was concerned that if something like a string was somehow blocking or twisting the bowel that pushing the stool out like that may cause a perforation. I have the same concern you mentioned. I know as a humans constipation cn make us very sick too, wondering if he just needs to poop it all out? Wouldn't blood work have shown something abnormal if it were more than constipation. She said bacteria may have taken over the bowel if it is not moving but why would it not show as an infection through the blood work?

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when was the last time he passed a normal stool?The last couple of days when he did pass a stool was there a fair amount? Were the stools soft or hard. Small (pellet like)?
Last time was on Thursday, he did get into the box yest and tried but very very little came out and not even pellet size, maybe 1/2 tsp.

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What was the supplement your son picked up at the pet shop?
My son got him a few cans of Merrick cat food and the supplement is called Enzymes Pro+/ super nutrition complex. It is a fine green powder and smells like fish. It is made by Great Life performance pet products. Son said they told him it was a probiotic???

Have a great day and thanks again for your help.
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