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Originally Posted by Rhodysmom View Post
My middle aged, mixed terrier (55lb) just had 3 teeth removed due to root exposure. I adopted him a year ago and they estimated that his age at that time Max was 5. Since the surgery he has not been the same dog, he is lethargic, he doesn't seem aware of things unless they are on top of him (he doesnt' hear the door open and my very loud sister come in until she's in the kitchen yelling!)he just seems depressed and mopey and he is usually full of energy to go for a walk when his dog walker came he layed down in front of her that NEVER happens. He isn't chasing squirrels!!!! What could be wrong? I was giving him Rimadyl, but read the side effects and stopped that. It helped but he is still lethargic. I know this is the exact opposite of your problem, but how long did it take your dog to recover? I took him to the vet and they said maybe he had an infection so give him clavamox. I just want my dog back the way he was!
Rhodysmom - I think you should open your own thread. It will get the attention it deserves more so than putting it here. You could tell us when the operation was done. That would be helpful to know.
Personally, if it were my dog I would be on the phone with the vet making an appt asap. Just my
Assumptions do nothing but make an ass out of u and me.

We can stick our heads in the sand for only so long before it starts choking us. Face it folks. The pet population is bad ALL OVER THE WORLD!
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