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Just like everything else in life - some experts think that BARF is good and some think it is bad. You can always find "facts" to support both sides of the arguement. I find it interesting that the "expert" interviewed for this article mentions chicken-by-products as something you don't want to find in your dog food then goes on to say that Iam's and Science Diet are good foods because they don't contain soy. No, Iam's doesn't contain soy but Science Diet does, and both contain chicken-by-products. Science Diet lists 3 corn products between their number 1 ingredient - chicken and their number 4 ingredient - chicken by product. After your chicken-by-product you have soy and yet another corn.

I talk to a lot of raw feeders on a daily basis and have fed raw. Not one of them have had any of the issues that this expert says are dangerous. I don't know of anyone who got salmanella from their dog after it ate chicken.
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