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So today Taz woke up seeming to feel better. He was more alert, assuming that was due to all the meds they gave him.
What meds did they give him? I am glad to hear he feels better but once those meds wear off he may not b/c I am leary that the vet is not treating him for the right problem.

My son stopped at some specialty pet store and they gave him some canned food and a supplement to sprinkle on it to possibly help him go to the bathroom.
Did the vet not recommend something for you to use to help your kitty pass a stool? I would think with all the poop filled up in his colon either the vet would want to give an enema or atleast give you something to help get all that poop out of the colon. It is not very good for poop to be sitting in the colon for very long. And some meds can constipate a cat even further. Depending on what meds the vet gave you.

What was the supplement your son picked up at the pet shop?

but has not used the cat box today at all.
This concerns me.....when was the last time he passed a normal stool?

I gave him the IV fluids, hard for me to get that needle in him.
Not sure what size needles your vet gave you to use to give the sub q fluids but there are needles that are much easier to use I found out when I was giving sub q fluids. They are called Terumo 20Gx1" U.T.W. (ultra thin wall needles). I bought 100 of them at a local medical supply shop for like $5.

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How did the vet treat his liver (supplementsmedications)? 
He had meds
What meds?

he has been eating Go! natural dry food

Something in this food may be causing the gas?? His stomach may not agree with one or more ingredients in it? Cats have sensitive stomachs.

He seems to be constipated today, his stool for the past few days had been a light tan color.
The last couple of days when he did pass a stool was there a fair amount? Were the stools soft or hard. Small (pellet like)?

Not passing normal stools. Vet did not say colon looked enlarged, just said it was very full.
Again, I am surprised the vet did not want to give an enema to clear him out or give you something to take home to adminster to help your cat pass these stools quickly.

The vet did mention an ultrasound but said due to there being so much gas it would be hard to see a tumor or foreign object. She did say the string, if he swallowed it could be tangled and cutting through his bowel.
My cat had gas before they took the ultrasound. We were also concerned that he had some foreign object in his tummy, But the ultrasound confirmed what we were seeing was not an object but a severely inflammed stomach. So, it may not be lots of gas your vet is seeing in the xray???

They told me every time they touched his stomach he writhed in pain and would cry. I have seen nothing like that since bringing him home. He has not vomited, he is eating and getting fluids/ I have picked him up and pressed on his tummy and he did not seem bothered by it. He also started purring again this morning. I'm not sure what to think.
Cats do hide pain well. With that being said your cat is now in his own environment and has been taking meds? which may be helping with the pain (from the said be "string" or gas/poop build up)

I know money is a concern but I would definately be going to get a second opinion. You can get your files and xray sent over to the new vet free of charge. And then the new vet can evaluate the situation with a new set of eyes.
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