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LOST Himilayan Cat In Kamloops BC

Hello, my name is Chanel. March 19th, 2010 between 4am and 7am in the morning our cat escaped from our house. She is strictly indoor because she is nearly blind. She has marked up eyes which make her very distinguishable. She is a white, long-haired Himilayan. She is approximately 12 years old with a microchip but no tattoo or collar. Her whiskers ar crooked and she looks kinda funny but she is part of our family and we are worried dearly.

Currently we have scoured the neighborhood night and day, putting up posters and calling for her, which she usually responds too. We have yet to find her. We also have her liter box outside so she can hopefully catch the scent and follow it home.

Below is a picture of our cat:

This was taken approximately three months ago.

PLEASE if you see our cat or have picked her up/know someone who picked her up, either SEND ME A MESSAGE or call my cell phone at 250 819 1434.

Please, she is dearly missed. She is family.

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