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Thanks to all of you So today Taz woke up seeming to feel better. He was more alert, assuming that was due to all the meds they gave him. My son stopped at some specialty pet store and they gave him some canned food and a supplement to sprinkle on it to possibly help him go to the bathroom.

I put half a can (small) out for him and he ate it, leaving the chunks that were in the food. He has not thrown up since I got him home but has not used the cat box today at all. He is drinking a little bit and I gave him the IV fluids, hard for me to get that needle in him. Wonder if I got more on him than in him. So now I am just monitoring his input and output.

@ Khari...
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How did the vet treat his liver (supplementsmedications)? 
He had meds and we fed him with a syringe the food they recommended and we bought from them.

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How long ago was this and what have you been feeding him sinceThe reason I ask is many of the vet foods have alot of junk and fillers in them that do not agree with many cats tummies. And your kitties tummy could be very upset and have gas from what you are feeding itIs your kitty constipated? Or having normal stools
It was about two years ago and he has been eating Go! natural dry food. He seems to be constipated today, his stool for the past few days had been a light tan color.

[PHP]Has he been passing normal stools? The reason I ask is the vet says the colon is full and this may be an indication that the colon is not working properly. Did the vet say the colon looked enlarged. PHP]

Not passing normal stools. Vet did not say colon looked enlarged, just said it was very full.

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I think that the only two options they have given you are crazy and that you should see another vetTo euthanize your kitty for these reasons that are not confirmed are sad at this pointHave they told you to get an ultrasoundThis would be my next step before exploratory surgery. If it is a tumor or something stuck in the stomach (string) then the ultrasound may be able to pick it upHas the vet brought up pancreatitis to youWhat about IBDHas the vet taken tests for hyperthyroidism
The vet did mention an ultrasound but said due to there being so much gas it would be hard to see a tumor or foreign object. She did say the string, if he swallowed it could be tangled and cutting through his bowel. They told me every time they touched his stomach he writhed in pain and would cry. I have seen nothing like that since bringing him home. He has not vomited, he is eating and getting fluids/ I have picked him up and pressed on his tummy and he did not seem bothered by it. He also started purring again this morning. I'm not sure what to think. My big concern at this point is that he is not having bowel movements. No mention of IBD or pancreatitis, thyroid was normal. Thanks again! I guess all I can do is keep watching him and giving him lots of love. I hear that cats will hide their illness well so my main objective is to make sure he is not in any pain.

Hope you are all having a good weekend. Thanks for being here for me to talk to, it really helps.
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