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I feed my 2 heeler crosses Evo, and I think it's the best food EVER! Evo is actually quite high in protein (almost 43%), so the feeding amounts can be cut down quite a bit. Although, if you find your dog is active, he might not gain weight as easily. I feed my heeler pup, Helix, 2 cups a day, and my older heeler, Red, only 1 1/2 cups a day. They both have different energy levels, and I find that Helix doesn't gain weight as easily as Red. I know a lady with a mastiff (about a good 190 lbs), and she's feeding him less than a cup per feeding! He's actually at a good weight too!

My border collie is on raw food, and my other 2 were for a bit, but it got too expensive. When I heard about Evo being a raw diet in kibble form, I was thrilled! One big bag lasts both of them 1 month. I can't say enough good things about this food. I HIGHLY recommend it!
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