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Vet ran lots of tests and determined it was some type of liver disease (can't remember exactly what she called it) He had jaundice, refused to eat, drink etc... vet said 30% chance he'd make it.
How did the vet treat his liver (supplements, medications)?

We force fed him low protein food from vet for approx 3 months before he got better. Has been fine since, until recently.
How long ago was this and what have you been feeding him since? The reason I ask is many of the vet foods have alot of junk and fillers in them that do not agree with many cats tummies. And your kitties tummy could be very upset and have gas from what you are feeding it. Is your kitty constipated? Or having normal stools?

Blood work normal, X-ray showed a lot gas throughout the bowel through stomach and small intestine and the colon is full of soft stool type appearance material.
Has he been passing normal stools? The reason I ask is the vet says the colon is full and this may be an indication that the colon is not working properly. Did the vet say the colon looked enlarged. The throwing up and the colon being full brings to my head feline megacolon or constipation. My cat that was throwing up and having problems passing regular stools had xrays done and there was alot of gas and lots of stool in the colon. Her colon was was enlarged and she was diagnosed with Feline Megacolon. So this may be something that is going on with your kitty And it can be treated easily with motility drugs, stool softner and low fibre diet.

One of three things, either his gut has just stopped moving, is in full illius(sp?) mode where bacteria is overgrowing, or he swallowed a string or some type of foreign object that has gotten stuck, or he has a tumor that they can't see. These are the options given...they can do exploratory surgery or euthanize him
I think that the only two options they have given you are crazy and that you should see another vet. To euthanize your kitty for these reasons that are not confirmed are sad at this point. Have they told you to get an ultrasound? This would be my next step before exploratory surgery. If it is a tumor or something stuck in the stomach (string) then the ultrasound may be able to pick it up. Has the vet brought up pancreatitis to you? What about IBD? Has the vet taken tests for hyperthyroidism?

The reason I am asking all of these questions is because my 13 year old male cat just went through liver disease (cholangiohepatitis). He was very sick for 2 and a half months. throwing up constantly, not wanting to eat, etc. Many tests were done, xrays and yes exploratory surgery was suggested. But the vet also suggested an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed severe inflammation in his stomach, liver, gall bladder, bile ducts, colon and intestine. At that time a tumor or an enlarged pancreas did not show up. Although they could not rule out a tumor they were leaning towards that all the problems were caused by IBD. Which is very common with liver cats. But not once did the vets throw out the option to euthanize my cat. At one point when he was so sick and did not seem like he was going to get better I brought it up. The vet said she did not think that was an option at this point.

I may be off on everything I am saying above but I am trying to give you some hope. Are you able to see another vet for a second opinion? Or get an ultrasound by a certified person that does ultrasounds in your city (not just someone that does them without much experience)? The one I went to was very highly recommended by two vets that I was dealing with. Do you have a certified internist in your city? If you could get an appt with one this may be beneficial for your kitty. I was dealing with one that was also a holistic vet. She was great.

By the way the anti-nausea pill will not help if he has a blockage (constipated).

Let me know how you are doing today!
Good luck!
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