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Thank you both so much! It has been a very emotional day and I could use some advice again. I took Taz to the vet first thing this morning and this is what she said...

Blood work normal, X-ray showed a lot gas throughout the bowel through stomach and small intestine and the colon is full of soft stool type appearance material. One of three things, either his gut has just stopped moving, is in full illius(sp?) mode where bacteria is overgrowing, or he swallowed a string or some type of foreign object that has gotten stuck, or he has a tumor that they can't see.

They gave him anti nausea and vomiting meds plus IV fluids but nothing helped and he continued vomiting all day.

These are the options given...they can do exploratory surgery or euthanize him. This is what my son and I decided. We brought him home with IV fluids to be given twice a day and anti vomiting meds every 8 hours throughout the weekend. I'm going to sell some coins and try to come up with the money needed for surgery since it is quite expensive and I spent what I had available for todays visit. Am I wrong for bringing him home? He seems fairly comfortable but I'm torn...

Is it the right thing for him to have the surgery or is that going to make things worse? If we opted not to have the surgery and it was just a string or something, I might be taking away the rest of his life from him. How does someone make that decision? I don't want to have to decide whether he lives or dies, what if I make the wrong choice? I'm very sorry this is so long, I just can't stop crying and am so drained. I really just want to do what's best for him. Thanks for listening to me babble
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