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Welcome aboard newbie ...

Yes you can learn alot on here.I did.

Also,you should know that this site has alot to do with adoptions and fostering and rescue.

Question.Have you thought about rescuing one?There are rescues that have purebred dogs.Aso they do have rescues for the one you are looking for.

There are far to many puppy mills and byb's out there just breeding for money.Puppies that are bought are sick.

Also,when looking for a breeder you have to do research.They do not advertise in the paper.

So please think about rescuing one.

As for your pit,hmmmmm I can't say much about that.I do know they become dog aggressive.You will have to wait till the experts come on here.Is she fixed?How is she with other dogs?
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
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