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Is liver problem back???

I have a 13 year old cat Taz, who has me concerned.

Brief history...Happy, healthy cat until 2 years ago when he went from 15 lbs to 8 rather quickly. Vet ran lots of tests and determined it was some type of liver disease (can't remember exactly what she called it) He had jaundice, refused to eat, drink etc... vet said 30% chance he'd make it. We force fed him low protein food from vet for approx 3 months before he got better. Has been fine since, until recently.

The past couple of days I have noticed that he has not been drinking much, if anything at all, today I came home, fed him as usual, he ate maybe half and then promptly vomited what he had eaten. He seems to meow a lot also. He is a healthy weight and does not seem to be in any pain.

Does this sound like an issue with the liver again? I am calling the vet in the morning, just thought I'd ask here since I'm worried and can't sleep.

Thanks and any info is appreciated.
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