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Question Innova versus Solid Gold?

Can anybody offer any insight into which is better?
I have an 8 month old Chesapeake male (Hudson)which is fairly active, undergoing retriever training currently.
I will be picking up my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Hannah)in 2 weeks.
As Cavs are known for health problems, and as our Chessie is an active dog who will be in the show and obedience ring I would like to feed them the best food available.
BARF is just not an option for me at this time.
Also, when would you advise switching each dog to adult food? Should we switch our Chessie to adult food when we make this food switch?
I read about the new Innova EVO and was concerned about the high fat content as I have been warned that Cavaliers become overweight easily.
Any comments are appreciated
Are there any foods better than might be readily available?
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