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Unhappy Sleeping in litterbox, lethargic, etc.

Hi everyone,

I have a 15 year old Persian who just got back from a 2-day vet visit. He had a pretty severe fecal impaction which required 2 enemas (without success) and a manual removal of the feces. The first enema was given on Tuesday, then the 2nd enema and manual removal was done yesterday while he was sedative.

He came back home today, but ever since he's been home, he's been very lethargic, not very alert, trouble walking (like a drunk person), sleeping in his litterbox, no appetite, and tried vomiting a couple times, etc. I moved him over to his bed where I thought he would be much more comfortable, and he's been sleeping ever since.

I'm sure he has a very sore bum, but I would think that the sedative has worn off since yesterday! I'm just wondering if this is normal behaviour for a kitty just getting out of the hospital. He's also 15 years old which may have an impact.

Can anyone please shed some light on this? Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated!!
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