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Need Help, New Kitten !


I just recently bought a cat yesterday, shes 4 months old.
When i saw her at the shelter she was very calm, didn't mind being held and was active and not shy.

When i brought her to the house she was VERY VERY scared, she ran straight under my bed. Later in the day i put my hand under the bed she came up to my hand and wanted to be pet and purred, but she still hasnt come out from under the bed. So ive been spending time with her and she has come out and come on the bed to me and purrs and loves to be pet and does that thing where she pushes her paws into me.

The only thing is when i brought her out to to show her the litter and just placed her down on the hallway she paused, and ran really quickly back under the bed, i don't understand why she's so scared of the house but can come out of the bed in the room.

She's also afraid of any noises.

Also would it be a factor that she had a sister and the fact that she got separated from her.

I understand that shes new the home and stuff, but it just so frustrating and breaks my heart to see her like that, hiding under the bed, wont come out, doesn't wonder the house.

Here are some photos of her under the bed:

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