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Have you not seen my sig? It still needs to be edited but I think I want these cats because of their temperaments: Snowshoe, Munchkin, Ragdoll, and Ocicat

Rehoming will never be an option just because he sprays. What kind of pet owner would I be if I rehomed a problem cat in order to have a new problem free cat? Not gonna happen. I will just have to take every precaution I can to make sure Gizzy feels secure in his surroundings and prevent as much damage as I can, smell-wise. But for sure Gizzy would be really jealous around a Ragdoll, another laidback cat who is devoted to its owner. Hogging her attention all the time. I will just have to give Gizzy more loving than usual. I already kinda do that now though.

And you hit the nail on the head on the head catlover! I just suggested your idea of turning up the music and he just laughed and walked away. I am so desparate for this to happen that I just don't know how to convince him! Especially when the tranny in my car is starting to go.
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