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As I start writing this, Max is lying on his back wagging his tail. He enjoys life for the most part. His big concern is being close to me. He can't play anymore because he can't see. He can't even go off leash outside. I have to stay on the same paths always or tell him where to step. He trips at curb etc it you don't warn him.

I asked the vet about these matters. She is as much as a wimp as I am. (She reminded me of how she keeps doing brain surgery on her own dog trying to save it.) All the vet said was that she had "concern" about doing surgery because Max isn't a good candidate because of his compromised breathing. She also said she didn't think he had more than six months left anyway. That's all I could get from her.

I'm leaning toward euthanasia because surviving the surgery will mean his death, if natural, will continue to deteriorate and likely be by suffocation within six months. Not a nice way to go!

The more I write about this the more confident I become about euthanasa him but I know I'll be second guessing myself later.

Now he's choking and gagging because of the breathing problem.

I'm so bad at this!
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