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Is it time for Euthanasia or Not?

Is it time for Euthanasia or Not?

Max, my eleven year old chocolate Labrador has several serious health problems. He is a diabetic with cataracts. He's gets two injections of insulin a day. And we do daily eye drops in our constant battle against eye infections cataracts cause. (I can't afford thousands of dollars for cataract surgery) The vet believes he has tracheal paralysis too. I'm not sure if that's the same as LP. He has a hoarse bark, pants a lot, wheezes and sometimes sounds raspy. Last summer the heat was almost unbearable for him. The vet thinks it will be worse this year IF we have another heat wave. She also thinks he only has about six months of life left in him at best anyway.

Recently Max developed ulcerated anal histiocytomas. I can't believe how fast they develop! He has one now that makes a "bloody" mess and two more the vet found developing in the same area. His vet said they have to be removed surgically or they will continue to grow bigger and the heavy bleeding will get worse. (Already I won't let him on the carpets anymore because the large amount of bleeding.) She also said he should be neutered to help stop more from developing (something to do with hormones). The surgery will cost about $600+ but she's concerned about his breathing problem and is not sure how well he'll do under anesthetic.

Meanwhile, Max is still a dopey stubborn Lab. He sleeps a lot but is wagging his tail and still enjoys his food.

My question is: Am I doing the right thing if I put him down now? He may not survive the surgery but if he does will the breathing problem end up being a worse fate?

I'm leaning toward yes it's time but I don't know if I'm right or if I can handle the guilt. I live alone so I'm stuck making this decision by myself. I know some will say "you'll know when it's the right time". But I don't know!

What would you do?

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